your supportive health coach, ms. D

About MS. D

Ms. D is a certified health coach who is studying to be a Health Holistic Practitioner. She has her Master of Science degree in Health Psychology and has her Bachelor of Art degree in Nonprofit Administration. 

Ms. D have over 25 years of researching, practicing, and advancing in  the areas of Holistic Health and Wellness. Through Curriculum Development, Stress Management Training and Coaching; Health Coaching, Eat Heathy to Weight Loss, Train the Trainer Techniques, Leadership Training, Aroma Therapy, Breathing Exercise Techniques ,Mindfulness, Altruism, Thought Form Therapy (TFT), and Social Emotion Intelligent.

In addition to Spiritual Teaching: Reiki Master, Christ Consciousness, Moabite daughter of Ruth, Earth Healing, Peace Maker, Chi Gong, Zhong Gong, Ek’ Kan Matrix, Pranic Healing, and The Order of Melchizedek. Ms. D believes you keep your  body  and mind health, strong, knowledgeable and sharp through continually staying  humble  and learning traditional and untraditional health methods.

Ms. D synergized Western philosophy teaching  with Eastern philosophy teaching  to create Breathecise (BE) System.

Breathecise system is a specialize stress management system that uses natural and holistic health and wellness methods and techniques specifically design to stay healthy and well.

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